“When you commit fraud, everybody pays” // “Lo que defraudas tú, lo pagamos todos”

Qué gran artículo qué gran anuncio.

Sociología Fiscal

Last week it made me very happy to see the latest advertisement of the Spanish Tax Office (AEAT) on TV with the following slogan: When you commit fraud, everybody pays“. In my own opinion, it explains properly the main essence of tax fraud: insolidarity.

It´s been a very long time since the successful advert “We are all the Tax office”, for this reason, it seems that AEAT had forgotten in its advertising campaigns to make citizens aware of the importance of paying taxes and reject fiscal fraud (and fraudsters). Nevertheless, it has made a strong comeback with this recent advertisement.

These kinds of initiatives can´t be isolated but should be hand in glove with other educational and informative measures. The first step would be to relaunch its Fiscal Education Program at schools.

Making use of a clever sentence used by an elementary school child addressing a fraudster during a writing competition held by AEAT:…

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